Journal entry custom reference generator

Can we have this field bring in the next number in sequence based on last transaction.

My work flow:

JE 05-10 - corresponds to the 10th entry in the month of May ( current year 20141 )

I can record a journal entry without entering anything in this field. Having it suggest 05-11 for the next journal entry would be awesome.

It should be adaptable to other naming conventions if possible.

Jan - 01 - Jan 02
01205 - 01206

Just a thought

I’m planning to implement something similar for invoices/quotes where this has been suggested many times already. I wasn’t really thinking in the context of journal entries but there is no reason why this flexible reference number generator couldn’t be extended across all types of transactions in Manager including journal entries. So that’s good idea. Thanks.

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In my case I must enter the reference number at each journal entry, however to be generated automatically enable better control and increased productivity by not having to enter it manually on each transaction. Please include it when you have time, it will help me a lot.


I am new to Manager after a long and unhappy marriage with Quickbooks pro. Overall I am impressed with this software. I know a lot of time work and energy has gone into it. I was wondering if the ability to automatically generate reference numbers based on the previous entry is still in the works? Also, is it possible to create sub expense accounts? Thanks again for your hard work!