Journal Entries cannot correct for insufficient quantities of inventory

I tried using a journal entry as an alternative to previous transactions but that did not work either :frowning:

Please post a screenshot of the Journal Entry.

Sure, this is the edit screen:

There’s nothing wrong with the Journal Entry and I cannot explain why its quantities are not considered in determining whether there is an insufficient quantity of a product.

I’m going to report this as a bug, however, for now you can still achieve the intended effect using an inventory write-on following this guide:

Thanks a bunch. I have a small question if I entered a negative Qty in Inventory Write-Offs wouldn’t that work as an inventory write-on (if the cost value was correct of course)?

It wouldn’t work. Manager wouldn’t know at what value those new inventory items are being added.

Anyway. This looks like a bug. I will be looking at this today.

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I think the same way manager picks the last everage cost for write offs it should be made possible for write ons. This should be used as a tool to correct discrepancies regarding stock qty and stock valuation. It should be considered a solution


I support this idea as well, right now we use two different parts of the program for inventory adjustments (journal entries for write-ons and use the write-off tab for write-offs).

@BawarYassin, that is already in the ideas category: Inventory Write-off tab modifications.

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@BawarYassin can you confirm what version you are using? I’m not able to reproduce this issue in the latest version.

@lubos I don’t remember what version I was on but I created this on version

Is this test business? Could you send it to me to ? I will look closer.

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Yes, this is just for testing I don’t mind uploading it here.
Test (2022-12-19).manager (1.2 MB)

The entry of the Credit note was 62 but you only have 60, so there is an insufficient quantity of 2.

This is simply not true. Given your screenshot you also use credit notes and sales invoices that influence inventory.

You are correct, I apologize for not paying attention @lubos @eko. I should delete this post since as long as Sales Qty is less than Returns Qty I will get Insufficient Qty and there is no way to fix that except by entering previous years’ sales