Zero Qty in Custom report and Insufficient Qty in Item motion?

I was creating a custom report to get the list of returned goods from a customer
like this:

I noticed some items with zero quantity and positive monetary amount in the report view

I checked the item motion and I noticed this Insufficient Qty column

Am I doing something wrong and are these two issues related ?

could anyone explain this? should I be worried ?

As per forum rules you could have first looked in the guides or search the forum. The guides give you Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager

@eko I already did and searched here as well but got nothing. My post has nothing to do with production orders please take another look.

I am sorry but it does! You show a total cost summary for Ginger Oil 50ml of which 2 Credit notes are linked to transactions 56 and 61. If you would show the edit screen of these 2 they would relate to items needed and are in insufficient supply for the production of the Ginger oil.

Here I deleted the production order

I was explaining that you need to show the edit screens of the credit notes 56 and 61.

Sure but there is nothing special in them

Don’t mind the layout its just custom CSS

How did you get to this edit screen?

On Credit Note 56 you entered Qty 16. The screen therefore correctly shows Qty 11 and 5 as Insufficient Qty (totalling 16).

Similarly Credit note 61 you entered 6 while Qty was 0 so it correctly shows 6 as Insufficient Qty.

Read Use credit notes for customer returns and refunds | Manager

Can you please show the edit screen of the Ginger 50ml Item.

I clicked on the cost here

and this is the item edit screen

I will upload a cleaned-up version of my database soon

Your item screen does not show Track Quantity as in the below screenshot:

You also show Ginger oil 50ml production stage 5, which would mean it is a production order as otherwise it would default to production stage 1.

Can you show the production order edit screen for this?

I don’t have Track quantity options. I only use sales invoices.
But I understand the issue now those transactions are from the same customer(except sales invoice 10321) therefore it shows insufficient Qty because the returned goods are more than sold ones to that customer. By increasing item Qty on the sales invoice 10684 the issue is gone no need for production orders I deleted them all.
I still don’t know why Manager considers that as insufficient Qty. I sold those products last year prior to using Manager.

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Your credit notes are adding back to inventory so I don’t believe that sufficient quantity check is appropriate here, even if the quantity sold to the customer in Manager is less than what’s being credited.

This could possibly hinder a wide range of workflows including but not limited to:

  1. Opening balances as in this particular example.
  2. Item selection errors.
  3. Invoices recorded in an external system, say POS by operations, while Credit Notes are handled in Manager.

Since the behavior is unexpected, I think this should be in bugs.

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I believe thats the reason why I got 0 Qty on my custom report.

@Ealfardan @eko doesn’t this issue affect the amount of Inventory on Hand?
Because I have some other items similar to this and I was able to reproduce it like this:
Qty on hand is 19

While cost is 0

Can I fix this myself or should I wait for the bug to be fixed?

I disagree that this is a bug in the first place, @BawarYassin. Honestly, it is very difficult to follow your explanation of what you have done. But there are several things involved. I have the following observations to point out:

  • You are crediting inventory items on credit notes that Manager has no record of ever being purchased or sold.
  • Because of this, there is no cost associated with those inventory items. Credit notes look for prior sales in order to determine how much to credit the customer’s subaccount in Accounts receivable and debit Inventory on hand.
  • Even though you may not have ever produced items with production orders, you still have situations where the program is expecting you to have purchased or produced the items being returned. Since you did not, that throws you into insufficient quantity situations. In other words, the program is waiting for you to acquire items that you are telling it are coming back into the system. To look at it another way, you must have purchased or produced the items at some point in time in order for them to be returned to you.
  • You are confusing the program by telling it that items are at production stages higher than 1 when you are not producing them, but instead are buying them directly. All such items should be assigned production stage 1.
  • I see nothing wrong in your last two screen shots. They show exactly what I would expect given the zero-value credit notes you are entering for items never sold from Manager. I do not believe you should be waiting for any software change to remedy what you perceive as a problem.

Fix the identified problems first. Then see if something still looks wrong.