Items sold at 100% discount not subtracting from inventory

I just gave away an item as marketing gimmick, I created an invoice with a 100% discount value and the item still shows up in my inventory. As soon I change the discount to anything less than 100% the item gets subtracted from inventory. however, I did not charge money for this item and it needs to be issued from stock. How do I do this?

Ideally, instead of generating an invoice, I would find a way to transfer the value of the inventory item to marketing expense account, however, I have no idea how to do that.

Any suggestions?


You can create an Inventory Write-off. This tab can be enabled by clicking customize under the left sidebar then tick the box Inventory Write-offs then update.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Can you show screenshot of invoice how you are entering the transaction?

Alternatively you might be using an older version which didn’t support this use case so it’s best to upgrade and try again.


I just updated the software, wasn’t expecting to need an update as I have downloaded the previous download less than a month back. After installing the latest version and setting the discount back to 100% it worked without any trouble.

Thank you.

Manager advances at a very fast paste, sometimes with several new releases in a day.

I think what @itmoto said is what you’re looking for. You don’t need the invoice because you didn’t made a sale but you need to record this as a promotion/marketing expense, so you’ll have to create an entry in the Inventory Write-off section and apply the item to your account for promotions/marketing and that way your inventory will decrease and you’ll record the promotion/marketing expense.

That’s a good point and I hadn’t thought of that.

I see in manager, the about tab has the current version. I’m on 16.7.71

But the download page itself doesn’t actually display the current version. How best to determine the current version that’s available to be downloaded (instead of downloading and checking the version number)?

Most releases are bug fixes or invisible improvements to the code with no functional change. Important changes are announced at If you see a feature that you need, update your software. Otherwise stick with what works unless you want to be an early adopter like some of us on this forum. (Sometimes, until the new features have been tried out in many use cases, all the unexpected wrinkles do not get ironed out.)