Inventory items sold at 100% discount problem

I purchased items then wanted to add the items to a sales invoice and give them away for free.
I added 100% discount hoping it would book the item out when giving the item to the customer.

I have just checked my stock level an it seems that x1 extra item has been added into stock so it is now showing i have x2 in stock when i have none and my inventory on hand amount is wrong showing x2 the value.

I have also seen that i have several items saying 0 stock but i have a cost amount next to them ?

There are a few occasions where i order stock, stock arrives, i then sell the items before i have recieved my supplier Invoice to book them in.
Do you think this could be the cause of my problems ?

Being curious, I tried this too on an invoice. If the discount is 100%, or the cost is $.00, it will add the amount of qty selected back in inventory.

Another thing that I noticed; if No Customer was selected, the qty never changed.

Should be fixed now, please check the latest version (14.12.8)

Yeah, Manager cannot handle situation (as per costing calculation) when you sell inventory before purchasing it (assuming you have none on hand already so it goes to negative quantity). This can create anomaly when quantity is 0 while cost is non-zero amount. This is obviously incorrect. The cost should be allocated to expenses by then. The good news is that this bug will be fixed sometime this week.

Since last week, every invoice must be assigned to a customer. If it’s not, the invoice will be ignored as per general ledger. This is important for consistency issues. Sum of all balances due on invoices must be equal to Accounts receivable balance and sum of all balances due per customer must also equal Accounts receivable balance. Having invoices without customer selected kind of broke this consistency.

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Thanks Lubos, fantastic support.

Works fine now. great job.

Sorry to pester but has any progress been made on this bug?

Fixed in the latest version (14.12.34)

That’s great, thank you.