Items back order

Hi all,
I have purchased an item (50 Pcs) and then sold it to my customer (50 Pcs)
but in stock showing 50 pcs in Back Order…

how to resolve this???

Read about inventory management in this three-part Guide:

Did you enter the quantity 50 on the Purchase Invoice ?
Or did you double create the Sales Invoice ?
By clicking on a blue value next to the Inventory Item should illustrate related transactions.

Also, by “Back Order” are you referring to a column with that heading, if yes, then you are using an old version of Manager as that aspect was re-modelled sometime ago and wont be referenced to in the guides.

Please guide me how to update The Manager to latest version,
its sounds funny but reason I am not updating is fear of somehow lost my previous data or old transactions.

please guide me to safely update my Manager.
Thanks & Best Regards

just download and install the new version from here
you do not need to uninstall the previously installed version. just install over the old version.
its a good practice to backup your business before updating to a latest version.

None of your data is stored in the program. It is in a separate data file that will be called by the new version, the same way the old version did.