Updating inventory to show new stock added


Great job done with manager. I however have one issue with adding new stock to the inventory. At the moment you have to use the “edit” button to update the stock in the inventory. The problem is there is no information that indicates the new addition. As an example if i have 30 units of an item and i want to add 30 more, how do i indicate that these are new 30 items added on a given date? This is for tracking each batch sold.


Do not edit to update inventory. Instead, I use Spend Money transactions or purchase invoices. If you are referring to adding new items (not additional quantities), do that under Inventory Items tab.

Also, read the Guides about how to manage inventory.


Where are these additional 30 coming from ?
If you have purchased them from a supplier then create a Purchase Invoice or a Spend Money.
If you manufactured them then create a Production Order.


Thank you very much. i manufacture them. If i create a Production order how
does that translate into updating the inventory? How do i get notifications
for low stock?
I am grateful.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am talking about additional


By doing exactly as you instruct the production order to do.
Lets say you make widgets out of scrap material, not purchased raw materials, and you have zero inventory.

Then you manufacture 10 widgets by using a Production Order - Bill of Materials is left blank.

Now inventory show those 10 widgets as being in stock

You don’t get notifications as such but you can review low balances by clicking on the “Qty on Hand” column heading and this will sort the quantities into ascending order, Inventory with the lowest quantities on hand.