Item code in Invoice

Could we please have an option to turn off showing Item code in the invoice. Even if it is in form defaults.

I think that this thread may answer your query Invoice lines

Thats fine but all my Items are in non inventory Items and there fore dont need show in the final invoice

The answer is the same. @AJD’s link referred to “items”, not “inventory items.” Non-inventory items can have codes, too.

Umm ok I know non Inventory Items have codes I am using them. But Non Inventory Items dont have the same purpose as Inventory Items. Inventory they even have their own tab and affect other areas of the accounting system. Non Inventory Items have a totally different purpose and do not affect the accounting system and are as the guide says optional I was asking if it could also be optional to show/hide in an invoice

The problem is, inventory and non-inventory items share the field for line item, so they’re are the same thing when talking about transaction lines.

However, you have a point with your request.

Fortunately, there’s a solution which is to provide description for your items. This way the description would show instead of the code-name.

Perfect I understand now I was using Item Code as well as description. Now I have removed the Item code and just left the description it does not show in the invoice. Perfect thank you so much. :100:

just a note because I took out the Item code my Items list was not in the order I wanted so I change the item name to the screen shot below so now in my Item dropdown in the invoice it comes up in the right order and no one sees it