Invoice lines

i have updated manager desktop to version 21.3.97 and i saw one thing is added.

this line appeared by default when creating invoices.
when creating an invoice there is a column called iterm and then you select in column account and so on. I thought the column iterm appear to those woth inventory, but after updating it appears even though you dont have inventory iterms.

in previous version i did not have this column since i dont use the accounting system with inventory.

can i disable this column?

i use manager desktop in windows 10 64bit,

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It’s not possible to disable it but this will be improved sometime next week so it will be automatically hidden if no items are defined like before.

Has this been done in Manager v21.4.55 Windows desktop 64 bit
In business with no inventory item and the inventory item tab not enables this still shows and has a single item in it on the “Payment tab” of “Freight-in”

will this be solved now @lubos

@Hosea_Leonard the latest version (21.5.7) is fixing this.