Hi All,

Need some help. Every time I create a new invoice it indicates PAID IN FULL

Is there a defined customer identified on each sales invoice? Also, what version of Manager do you have under About Manager?


Yes, all invoices have defined customer identification. Does not matter
which invoice is generated, indicates paid in full.




You are many hundred updates behind. Update your software. If the problem remains, post a screen shot of the edit screen for a sales invoice that shows this problem.

Also, for the same sales invoice, click on the blue Balance Due figure in the Sales Invoices tab register. You should see the original invoice and the source of receipts against it.

Thank you. I did do the upgrade today as I thought it would be the problem.
After this it still happened.

Will send the screen shot of the version and issue. I am currently not in
the office. Will send once I am back. Thanks