Issue with the new update

issue with the new update the invoice table merge the iteme code column with the item name column

Please specify your version number. “New” tells us nothing when there are frequently multiple releases per day.

this version

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@Mohamed_Hamza this is by design.

If you do not want Code and Name to show under the same column, make sure to check this option when creating (or editing your item)


This means Item column will show Code only.

You can then show item Name under Description column by checking this option


The reason for this change is to make Edit and View screens more consistent. WYSIWYG principle.


i did it but the code column was bigger than the discription column

@Mohamed_Hamza can you demonstrate with screenshot? Generally speaking columns will autosize to its content.

Where is this screenshot coming from? Generated PDF or the program itself?

فاتورة 10855 - نقدي_2.pdf (84.8 KB)
this the pdf the screenshot form the program web view