Issue with Journal Entry

HI there…

Having some trouble in Manager…

I have entered one bank account “MCB BANK” in “Bank Account” column and one capital account user (sole proprietor) in the “Capital Account”

Now i am trying to entry for the “Cash Invested to Bank” , I am using journal entry and here i my entry is;

Capital Account > User > Cash Invested 400

Now in the Summary page, Meezan Bank is added by 400 but the cash in bank, that was the default term in the MANAGER, not shows the 400.

Anyone Guide?

You cannot use a journal entry to receive money into or pay money out of a bank account.

Please read the Guides Receive Money or Spend Money which explain how to do bank transactions

what will be the way to record the amount invested to bank ?

Read the Guides @Joe91 linked you to. The first one includes an explicit example showing the entry for a capital contribution.