Journal Entry doesn't show Cash at Bank account


I want to enter a Journal entry for paying utilities which is a debit to Expense and credit to Assets- Cash at Bank. But for some reason that account alone 1400-Cash at Bank is not showing up in Journal entry. Am I missing something?

Yes, you are missing the fact that in Manager, all transactions involving cash accounts must be entered in the Cash Accounts tab. You cannot enter them with Journal Entries. See this Guide:

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Thanks, got it!

Sorry another question. I’ve setup the Cash Acct- I only have one business checking account. I also did Spend Money according to the guide. Now where do I debit and credit this entry?

You don’t have to worry about it. Manager takes care of figuring out which accounts to debit and credit based on the transaction type and the account you enter. That’s one of its nice features. Only for the few transactions where you must make a journal entry do you have to really know about debits and credits.

In the case of your Spend money transaction, Manager will debit your Utilities expense account (or whatever you call it) and credit your Checking account (or whatever you named it). You will see this effect in the Summary if you delete and re-enter the transaction.

Since you are evidently new to Manager, I recommend spending some time with the Guides. In particular, read about creating a test business to learn the program.

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