Record capital contribution in cash and bank


I’m new in using Manager. We have started business with 4 partner each contributing 50,000 (Partial in Bank deposit and partial in cash). I setup capital account for each partner. Now I want to make entry of capital contribution for each partner as it is infused in business. Please help me step by step to make record of this transaction.

Debit Bank and Cash account for the respectve amount deposited and Credit the individual Partner Capital accounts.

Create a Receive in transaction in your bank account and post it to the capital account

Shall I use Journal Voucher to make this entry ? if possible please show one screen shot of same entry. I tried to make entry but then it is showing negative Equity

No. Journal entries cannot be used in Manager to record actual movement of money. You must use a receipt under the Receipts & Payments tab. Since part is to bank and part to cash, you will need two receipts for each partner. This Guide has an illustrated example:

Manager’s process eliminates the need to determine which accounts to debit and credit. The program determines that from context.

Thanks. It worked