Issue with importing mt940 files from banks

So I have 3 banks that provide mt940 files, and I am able to import the file into manager without errors.

However, because the mt940 have slightly different (but surely properly defined as there are no errors on import) formatting, the result is that on the imports from two of the banks the # column says NONREF all the time, while on one it holds the beneficiary account.

I think this is a question for @lubos: is it possible to have this fixed on manager side somehow, so it recognizes properly the # column in the import? Thanks.

Have you looked at the export files to see what they contain? I’m not expert on MT940 format, but most bank statement formats have quite a bit of flexibility. A file can be completely compliant with a standard, yet have different information in the same fields/cells than a file from another bank using the same standard. Likewise, some banks leave various fields blank.

It sounds like you are dealing with missing information, not incorrectly handled information.

I have looked at all files in a txt editor. As far as I can tell all the information is there.

The line of the file that results in having a value in the # column for the specific transaction looks like this

:86:/ORDP/account numbers/BNAME/account name holder/PRPD/description

The line of the file that results in having NONREF looks like this:

:86:/ORDP/account numbres/account name holder/BENM/account numbers/account name holder

A little research reveals that :86:-tagged lines in MT940 messages are optional information for the account holder. Reference numbers for transactions are actually contained in :61:-tagged lines. So I doubt whether Manager even looks at the :86: lines. To get better understanding, compare :61:-tagged lines from the two statements.

The NONREF content indicates the original message (possibly transmitted to your bank from another) did not contain reference information. The statement that does contain so-called reference information probably assigned that information itself. But what a bank assigns as reference information is up to it. You have suggested that one of your banks assigns information on the beneficiary account.

Many large banking institutions have online manuals explaining their individual implementations of MT940 messages within the SWIFT system. I recommend trying to find those for your banks.