Is there any way to recover all data


I accidently delete the business, and i dont have back up. Is there any way to recover back all the data?

Try to go to your Mnagaer data folder and look for subfolder with gibberish names in it.

Then in those subfolders there migh be file with 0000…0000 name, it might contain data with you transactions (see discussion => click).
Copy that 000…000 file elsewhere, rename to something like tst.bak and try to import it.

If there are several subfolders with gibberigh names, that means you have several businesses, try one after another to find one deleted.

It seems that Manager leaving data file after business removal (i.e. it is removing only data from index file).


You can not import a data file (gibberish name or 000…0000), you can only import a properly created Back Up file.

However it is correct, that only the business name has been deleted not the business data.
But if there is a way to re-activate the business data file - don’t know

I suggest you do this on another computer - just to be safe.

Create a new business, find the old gibberish.manager file. Rename it to the new gibberish.manager name.

Open Manager, open new business. Should have the old data. Not sure about attachments.

If you have more than one business, you may have to check the dates of the files or trial and error till you find the right one…

Put a new transaction (dummy Journal) into every other existing Business which will update their file date/time stamp, the one with an older (un-updated) date/time is probably the deleted Business data file.

@CSPRyde - interesting suggestion

Brucanna, with all respect, but before posting answer I’ve deleted dummy business and imported 000…000 file that was located in folder with gibberish name under “main” folder.

What can not be done, is importing that 000…000 file right away, maybe due to its name (many chars in it?), however after I renamed I was able to import it.

@kim2015, there is some truth in everything that others have posted in response to your question. Assuming that you deleted the business using the button, here are the steps to follow to get your business back with all its data. The procedure is based on the fact that Manager does not remove data files when you remove a business. It only changes the index to your businesses, the program does not actually delete the removed business.

  1. Under About Manager, find the location of your application data and navigate to that folder.

  2. If you have only one business there will be a file named with a combination of letters and numbers, something like 330bb6300e054d0f8df0e3abea1a6535.manager. There may be a folder with the same combination of letters and numbers, but without the .manager extension. Ignore the folder. There may also be another file named with letters and numbers that is much smaller, only a few KiloBytes in size. Ignore that, too. (If you have the folder, that will confirm which file is the actual accounting file, because the names will match except for the .manager extension.)

  3. If you have more than one business, you will have to identify the removed business by making entries into the remaining business. Then look at the dates the files were modified. The one that does not have a very recent “modified date/time” will be the one you want, because you were not able to change it.

  4. Regardless of how you identified the removed business, drag its file (not its folder) to your desktop.

  5. Open Manager and click Add Business => Import Backup. Navigate to your desktop, find the accounting file you just dragged there, and select it. Confirm Import Backup.

  6. Select the business, which now has a gibberish name, and confirm the data pertains to your actual business. Assuming it does, rename the business to your actual business name by click on Rename in the top menu bar.

  7. If the file will not import or produces false data, you probably imported the wrong file. Post screen shots of any error message you get.

When you are finished, the file you dragged onto your desktop will still be there. After you are satisfied the imported business is completely correct, you can delete it.


Thanks for help.
I’m I manage to find date 28 Dec back up.
By right latest update should be 3rd Jan. I search all data still can’t get the latest update data.
Good enough, at least I no need to key everything.

I did do back up regularly. This accident will happen is because I copy the data and bring home to do some work. Today back to work , who know I accidentally deleted the data copy from thumb drive.

There will only be a backup dated 3 January if you made one. There is no automatic backup feature.

If you are using the same data file on two computers, be certain they both are running the same version. All versions of Manager can open older data files, but they cannot necessarily open newer data files, because sometimes the structure is changed as new features are added. The conversion happens when an older file is called.