What is the procedure to get back the deleted data recently

I have not taken the backup and bi mistakenly deleted the current company
so what is the procedure to get back the data in mac???
It is very important please share the procedure…

@Brucanna @lubos
Please help me out its bit urgent and i am afraid whether i will loose the data or what …

Recovering files in Mac-OS/OS-X can be a tad troublesome.
When you “delete” a file or directory on a Mac by moving it to the trash, it just removes the relevant entries in the system to the location of that file or files (allowing that area of disk to be over-written with new data). If you then remove them from the trash, then a final actual deletion of the data takes place. So, the chances of recovery depend upon what you have done since the original act of ‘deletion’.
There are a number of utilities on offer that purport to assist with recovery of deleted files.
I suggest that you search for a suitable utility

Hope that helps

The deleted file is not visible on trash too…

suggest that you start by reading some of these articles…


sorry there isn’t help in this… Actually when i was asked that

Are you sure to Delete the company ?
I selected Yes

But that deleted file is not on trash .

My apologies. I misunderstood the context of your original post.

I am not familiar enough with how the Manager system deals with things when deletions are undertaken from within Manager itself. This question is perhaps therefore better left for others who do know the workings of the system better than I do. That said, my instincts would still be to try to use the OS (and/or a suitable utility) as a means of trying to detect and find the location of the deleted item.

If you deleted the business within Manager, your business file is still on your computer. Manager does not delete the file, it simply removes the business from Manager. Click on about Manager and see where your data is saved. Then go to that location and copy all the files there to another location. Then go to add business import and try each file (from the new location) to see if it imports your data. The file that has all the zeros in it, is a system file and will not be a business file, so you don’t need to import that file.

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I got this menu… Now which file need to be selected and where it must be stored. Please guide me …i will be really thankful to you if this problem gets resolved.

It is showing this option…Now which one need to be selected?

Please help me out…

It is not the size file nor the file with zeros. You will have to try and import each file and see which one contains the business. There is no way to tell by looking at the numbers. You might want to look at the dates of the files and try importing the file with the latest date.

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Thanks a lot… I got it… Thanks @dalacor you helped me… i am really thankful to you…

@Austro_Led_Lights, each one of those files with mixed letters and numbers is a business that you created at some point and possibly deleted later. Once you have identified which one actually contains your accounting data, you can delete the rest. Do not delete the Size file, although Manager will recreate that one if you do. And do not delete the one with all the zeroes, as that is an index of your businesses.

Two pieces of advice:

  1. When Manager asks if you really want to delete something, don’t choose Yes unless you want to delete it. Only the developer’s fixation on preserving information saved you. Most programs would have truly deleted your information at that point.

  2. Make regular backups to a remote location. That is, back up your data somewhere besides on the computer you are using for Manager. A cloud storage service, a stand-alone hard drive, even a USB flash drive can work. But if you back up to the same computer, you will lose your data and your back when–not if–your machine fails.

I would concur with @Tut point. Delete all the other businesses as you have got a lot of files there and you should only keep the files that you actually need.

And yes Backup your data regularly!

Thank you guys for your kind support in this… I have recovered all the data and i really thank @dalacor for helping me out in this…

Thanks a lot everyone…

You can thank me, by immediately implementing a backup system. Next time you might not be so lucky. Very often the loss of data is total.