Is there a way to use Inventory tab without quantity field?

Is there a way to use the inventory tab without using the qty field. When you enter opening inventory or sales / purchases. Can the qty field be disabled ?

No, because movement of inventory items is the foundation of inventory accounting.

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I would be more interested in knowing why you want to sell and purchase inventory but not track quantity. I cannot see any benefit to doing that. You can add inventory without increasing the inventory quantity - (assuming that you have the latest version of Manager as this was a recent update about two months ago) by putting nothing in the quantity column - but not sure why anyone would find this useful to do.

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With the Inventory tab you are either 100% in or 100% out, there is no other choice. In fact, if you had done some basic modelling with accounting transactions you would have quickly and clearly seen the impracticality of your multiple tread requests.

Lets say you entered a purchase invoice with an Inventory On Hand allocation with zero quantity and worth 1000. The first thing to note is, that Manager can’t tell if you purchased one or a hundred items. So what is the item’s unit cost? Without having a unit cost, you can’t transfer a value out of inventory when a sale occurs,

To compound this, your Sales Invoice with an Inventory Sale allocation for 1500 also has a zero quantity. So zero items being sold @ a zero unit cost equals zero cost of goods sold. At least Manager gets the maths right even if it fails your objective of using the Inventory tab with no quantities.

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I thought you’ll need to input the price of the item that you sell in your invoice or when you entry a purchase invoice you’ll need to put in the qty and price as well.

I don’t get it with what you mean.

That’s why we have back order column in inventory now.

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If you want to create non-inventory items, don’t use Inventory Items tab. Use Sales Invoice Items or Purchase Invoice Items under Settings tab.