Is there a way to use a custom translation for my personal computer

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

My native language is Kurdish (کوردیی ناوەڕاست) which manager has :smiley: there are a lot of untranslated text that I’ll add BUT there are some texts that aren’t general terminology and I shouldn’t put it in for everyone to use, but I myself find it easier and more descriptive if I use certain words instead of the official translations, Plus some translations are picked based on other translator reviews, thus my custom words would never be voted for…

Is there a way that I can put my translation in e.x. a file somewhere and direct my software to use my custom translation?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Technically speaking, all translations are in Translations.json file. So you can modify it any way you like and have private translations.

However, please contribute untranslated text to Help translating · WebTranslateIt


OOOO I was searching through the files for (english, language, etc…) but didn’t search for translation :confused: thank you very much … I definitely will contribute :smiley: