Is it possible to link two separate account to generate one set of GST reports?

I have two separate businesses each with their own bank account. Is it possible to link them in some way so that the GST reports combine both sets of numbers?

No. But why do you need this? If you need combined figures, it implies you probably have only one legal entity. Why not have data fro both business divisions in single accounting entity.

Thank you for your reply. You are correct, I have one legal entity Basically, I am a sole trader and have one ABN. I have a main business and a recently-started. business. I have a separate bank account for each business.

I assume I cannot set my accounts in Manager up as one business because I have two bank statements each month.

I was thinking I should set up two separate accounts and thought I might be able to combine the data for GST reporting purposes.

With all this mind, what would you recommend please?