Is it possible to import purchase invoices?

Export is the wrong term. An export just exports what you see on screen. Batch Update, followed by Copy to Clipboard and subsequent paste into a spreadsheet is what you want.

All the 32-character hexadecimal strings you cannot make sense of are the keys that have been referred to in this thread. They are part of what is undergoing change. Right now, they are essentially incomprehensible to the average user.

OK Tut, thanks for the quick reply.

Shall I just wait until I hear that changes have been made and then upgrade to the latest version at that time to try again?


That depends on how comfortable you are deciphering and converting between keys and plain-language fields titles, supplier names, etc., and then loading those back into Manager. A couple of other users have posted information on how they do it. Personally, I would find it quite tedious. But I don’t enter a high volume of transactions where it might be useful.

I’m guessing this will also fix the problem with the headings for custom fields too (which now have the same style of incomprehensible text as part of the headings)?

I suspect so, but don’t know. All I can tell from the recent changes is that this issue is being worked on right now. Pieces of the bigger revision strategy seem to be appearing in stages.

I would much prefer if it just used the proper plain language rather than keys.
I feel that using the keys would leave it open for me to easily make errors.

Thanks mate, I appreciate your dedication and all the hard work that you put into this amazing software :slight_smile:

To be clear, @Greg_W, I don’t put any effort into the software. I am one of the forum moderators, not the developer.

OK, I wasn’t aware of that

@Tut will you provide an update when this has been changed to work how it used to work?
Or will I just have to keep updating my software and checking if it has changed?

Monitor the Releases page. And subscribe to the newsletter.