Customize fields that are displayed in default templates


Have just downloaded Manager and currently am creating custom templates for my organization. How do I remove the fields that are currently displayed in the template.

For now I have a template for Sales Invoice and Sales Order which has the following fields displayed:
Item Code, Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount.

Can I change the fields displayed on Sales Invoice to the following:
Quantity, Description, Unit Price and Amount (in the heading and the values on each line)

And for Sales Orders would like display the following fields:
Quantity, Description and Remarks (in the heading and the values on each line, would like to add remarks as a custom field for each line item)

To what extent can this be accomplished ?

Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Taher Nomani

If you leave a column blank it will not be displayed (in your case you can leave the item code blank).

Customization of the template is possible to some extent by html coding but i am not sure if you can rearrange the columns.

You can create custom fields for sales order under settings and set it to display as a column. You can set the heading for this custom field as remarks.

Dear sharpdrivetek,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Ok understood will not fill values for fields I don’t require.

I tried to make Remarks as a custom field for Sales Order, but when i create a new sales order it doesn’t put it as a column but at the end as a note at the bottom. Please advise. Here are the screenshots for settings done in Custom Fields, the display of Sales Order Entry, and Sales Order in a Default Template

Any help with this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Taher Nomani

That is not possible as of now.

There can be two workarounds:

  1. If the remarks you are entering is always the same, then you can create the custom field under that inventory item instead of in the sales invoice. That will appear as a column when you make invoice for that inventory item.

  2. You can type the remarks within brackets along with the item description when making the invoice.

On a further note, why are you making the invoice for for 1 qty when you are actually selling 10 cartons?
You can make the inventory item as “Ceramic Fire Proximity Suit - (1 ctn of 50pcs)” and make the bill quanity as 10 instead of 1 numbers.
Then if you want to show how many cartons you are shipping, you can just create a custom fields which says “No. of boxes or cartons”

See the following example I created.

How did you create the extra column?

You need to create the custom field for inventory items and if you save the inventory item with something in that custom field, it appears on your invoice.

didn’t really get it bro

create a custom field for inventory items. (show as column and print on doc)
edit an inventory item and update something in the newly created custom field.
Make an invoice of that inventory item.
The custom field will appear as a column on your invoice.

Am i clear now?

I am planning to use this method for HSN codes of various inventory items which will be mandatory for Indian users.

great, it shows. but not when it goes with other inventory items without the custom field,

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, @Abeiku. If I raise a sales invoice with two inventory items, one of which has content in a custom field field and another which does not, the column shows:

In the example above, the custom field is named “Custom field.” The crab meat item has the content “test” in the custom field. The seasoning item has nothing in that custom field.