Is custom work possible?

I have been using the free version and am happy with the simplicity of it and also the fast responses I see in the forums. I will be purchasing the server version soon I think and replace my other software.

My question is can I get some custom programming done? I would like to have certain features that I am not sure would work for others so perhaps a paid customization? However there are also issues I see that would be good for everyone that is common use in Quickbooks that are limited in Manager.

There will be API so if you are not a programmer, you will be able to hire a programmer who can do it for you.

If your feature requests are fairly generic, there is a good chance they are already on our roadmap anyway.

Thank you for the fast response. I will review my notes, compare against the latest version I just installed, and then post again the features I am looking for.

I have a programmer I will use to install the server version. I will pose the list first to see if will be able to do what I wish in the future and then finalize the purchase.

Thank you for your help and its a great program.