Cloud edition questions + customization


I’d like to provide accounting tools for small-press and indie book publishers. Manager looks perfect. But I have many questions. I’ll start with just two:

  1. Is there an API that enables automation of new user accounts, e.g. say a new small-press or indie book publisher?

  2. Is it easy to customize Manager for needs of my subscribers?

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  1. New users must be created by an administrator.

  2. That depends on what you are trying to do. In general, the customization available is easy to implement. But all customization must be done for each individual business. You cannot customize multiple businesses at once. What you can do is create a standardized model business with no transactions, but full selection of active modules, theme customization, default form content, and so forth. That model business can be saved as a backup. Then, for each new business, you could import that model business.

Thanks for the lightning fast response.

Can a support development to automate individual business creation?

Standardized model business sound ideal.

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I think there is a typo in your post. What did you mean?

There is currently no API to manage users or businesses but that’s coming within a few weeks.

Hi Lubos,

That’s outstanding!

Please let me know when that is implemented so I can sign up and test.

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Lubos has answered my question.



Let us know how you’re managing user/business creation without the API…