Is API changed?

From what I see API endpoints become namespaced with Business ID hash, for example what used to be /api/937914e4-5686-4eec-ba21-474b1c0f982e now is /api/SVQtUHJlbWl1bQ/937914e4-5686-4eec-ba21-474b1c0f982e

This is a normal part of operations to evolve API, but I really appreciate if breaking changes could be communicated somehow in advance, as some internal tools rely on API and sensitive to such changes, or, if possible, preserve backward compatibility.

Apart from that, I’m really happy the Manager is alive and kicking!

Yeah I know. This is why I’m holding back from releasing any documentation for API whatsoever. It’s not yet stable and endpoints can change. They didn’t for long time though.

This particular change is related to changes in Application Data folder. The businesses are no longer named after randomly generated UUID but actually what they are named in Manager. The business string in URL is base64 encoded business name.

If you are using server edition, have a look into your Application Data folder to see what I mean.

As the api is used in a production system, can we get more regular updates or a warning of the changes, so we can foresee and hire someone to implement them?

Is there any place we can see that already?