Invoices showing Paid in Full inspite of no payment credited against them

Hi support, several of the invoices created for particular customers (not all) are showing paid in full inspite of no payment being received against them. I have checked the suspense account and do not find anything related to these customers which would cause an issue.

We are using the cloud version 17.7.52.

Could you please assist. Thanks

First of all, there should be nothing in Suspense, not just nothing “related to these customers which would cause an issue.” Anything in Suspense can cause an issue, regardless of whether you see the connection. Many things happen in Manager behind the scenes in built-in control accounts.

Second, if you look at the Accounts receivable balance for one of these customers in the Customers tab, I’ll bet you see automatic allocations. That’s a sign you received other payments from the customer that could not be applied against an invoice.