Invoices not to deduct credits

When issuing invoices, it automatically deducts credits or adds debits at the total of the specific client.
An invoice is not supposed to show any deductions or debits, only the statement is supposed to show payments made or invoices charged to the client.
Is it possible to change that please? It could cause various descripancies and issues with the client.

This is only partially true. Manager will apply undesignated credits on a customer’s account to a sales invoice, reducing the balance due. But it will not apply any debit, nor will it add information originating from other sales invoices. The reason undesignated credits are applied is to take up any advance deposits that might have been made. See this Guide for further information: Manager Cloud.

If you wish to prevent automatic application of credit balances in a customer’s account, do two things:

  • Always record receipts against specific invoices when such a situation exists, and/or
  • Set up special accounts to record customer advances/credits following instructions in this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Further information on resolving problems with automatic allocations is found here: Manager Cloud.

In the situation you describe, Manager is not showing a deduction or debit. It is showing a credit for money you owe the customer because of some previous transaction, such as a credit note. Further, it is not correct to say only a statement should show payments made or invoices charged. After all, the sales invoice itself is the primary document creating the obligation for the customer to pay you. So it must show the amount being charged. And when an advance or deposit is applied, or a partial payment has been made, it is completely proper to show the remaining balance due. That is especially important when a payment has been designated by the customer for a specific invoice.