Credit / Debit on customer

If a customer owe money on invoices issued on previous system where do i add the outstanding balance brought forward for clients. There is only credit but no debit under customer? Where would i put the debit through

Can’t a debit button be available as sekène

Invoices are used to debit customer accounts.

It’s generally recommended that you recreate all of the outstanding invoices one by one, however, in case this is impractical, you can opt to enter the entire balance in a single invoice.

Refer to this guide for more information:

It is necessary to enter unpaid sales invoices from a previous system so that, when the customer pays, the receipt can be posted against the correct invoice. Likewise, you may get into situations with credit notes, exchanges, or returns where it is necessary to have full details of the prior, unpaid sales invoices in your records.

Like what @Tut said. Depending with the volume of the outstanding invoices. Your best move will to recapture the outstanding invoices on to Manager

Thank you just a pain to load almost 700 invoices which have outstanding balances… Was hoping to just put in an amount for the customer to make it easier.

Ealfardan also gave you an alternative to capturing 700 invoices …