Invoice template for plywood business

I need a size column in invoice and discount in amount not %

There is no ‘size’ column. You can put the size of your plywood as a Description and use that to show the size in the invoice.

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Is it possible in invoice can calculate amount according to size like this-
Item - sizeQtyrate=amount

Keybord aerokey up/down is not work in invoice item a/c column how can it work

Why not create a separate inventory item for the different sized plywood - 2400 x 1200, 1200 x 900 etc.
Then when you invoice - select inventory item 2400 x 1200 then enter the qty x rate

If you doing cut to size then your inventory item would be - Custom Size with a description and sq/m rate

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This function is not available. The multi-line invoice is not a table or spreadsheet, but a display of individual records.

When there are same rate of an item for each customer the
n we can as you
But there are different rate of an item for every customers then how can calculate it
If size colum is possible then i need enter only rate
Like this
Item size Qty rate/unit amount
12mm ply 8*4 32 2 50/feet 3200

item. size Qty rate/unit amount
12mm ply 8*4 32 2 55 3500

I men in item column in invoice item not chose by Keybord up.down key only scrol by mouse. If it can by keyboard then more easy

OK, so under the Inventory item don’t have a sale price, leave it blank. Enter the unit price (rate) on the invoice.

Why use per (sq) feet instead of per sheet? That seems to be complicating matters.
Assuming your calculation is 8 x 4 = 32 x 2 x 50 = 3200, shouldn’t your 2nd example = 3520

Because i deal per feet rate with customers then i need extra calculation per sheet with differet rates
Invoice not calculate automatic like 2nd example there are per feet rate is 55
and 1st example 50 per feet
So i calculate 1st with 50 and 2nd with 55
exta with calculator my invoice not calculate automatically only entring different rates
There are hundreds sizes plywood and doors so very hard to calculate every size with different rats

Invoice have unit price column but not have unit column so that every time calulate unit size in every line in invoice if unit column have in invoice than only entring unit price create easy invoice

Its not normal to include the unit size (8x4) calculation as part of the sales invoice.
4L tin of paint would be sold as per tin - not per L.
20kg bag of fertiliser would be sold as per bag - not per kg.
So why do your customers who are buying 8x4 sheets require a per feet price instead of per sheet price.

It just seems that everything is being made much more complex by having a) per feet pricing for a fixed sized item and b) so many different rates for just the one product.

Using different rates could be simplified by using the “discount” feature of the sales invoice, shown above.
This way you would establish one rate, but would offer different discount rates to different customers, which would be a sales invoice automatic calculation. Therefore, each plywood size would only have one rate but multiple discount options.

In your last post you wrote “Invoice have unit price column but not have unit column”.
The sales invoice does have a “unit column” - its called “Qty”

Please try to understad i mean
If i sale a door to one customer thats size (72"36")in inch means 18 feet rate 100/feet than amount is 1800
If the same door i want to sale other customer rate 105/feet then i shuld calculate its amount by calculator then i will enter in rate column
If unit column is available in invoice then door size is continue 18 feet and i need only change in rate figures like 100 and 105 and so that
qty1rate100/feet= amount 1800
qty1*rate105/feet= amount 1890
only change in rate can create invoice easily

I totally understand but the question is WHY?

Option 1) You sell doors to two customers with variable rate
Customer A - 18 feetqty 1rate 100/feet= amount 1800
Customer B - 18 feetqty 1rate 105/feet= amount 1890

Option 2) I sell doors to two customers with variable rate
Customer A - qty 1rate 1800 each = amount 1800
Customer B - qty 1
rate 1890 each = amount 1890

Option 3) I sell doors to two customers with fixed rate and discount
Customer A - qty 1rate 2000 eachdiscount 10% = amount 1800
Customer B - qty 1rate 2000 eachdiscount 5,5% = amount 1890

All these options achieve the same results, but (2) & (3) don’t need separate calculator activity as the Sales Invoice does it all. Manager has thousands of users, using the standard “qty * rate”, so I don’t see the program being re-written to accommodate “size * qty* rate” for only one or two users.

So its entirely up to you how simple or complicated you want to manage your internal operations…