Need some customization in invoice

Basically we are running large format printing setup. we need some customization in invoice format, we need some extra fields shown as attached picture. the formula should be
Square feet=width x height x qty
Amount = Square feet x price

thats it.

You can add custom fields on sales invoices under Settings. But they appear at the bottom of the invoice, not line by line. Currently, Manager does not have the ability to add additional columns for calculations.

Hi I am also running Large Format Printing Company and need same modification,Can you please do modify these changes for us, We should pay for this. Regards

Is it still not available?

put length, Height & sheets in the description such as
" 5 * 2 * 10 (Width * Height x Sheets)"

Then past " 5 * 2 * 10" into the quantity field when entering the invoice

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