Invoice periods

Sir thank you very much for your best co operation in for solving our difficulties.

Sir when we click on sales invoices/purchase invoices tab all sale invoices appear irrespective of the present financial year.

Sir is there any method to display invoices only for the current financial year? Please guide me accordingly.

Gayatri Dambal

no. this would be possible only if you create a new business file for a new financial year by entering the starting balances.

there is no need to hide old invoices as it is easier to check the data.

why do you want to hide it anyway?

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Not really.

If you put 2018 in the search field, you will get all the invoices with 2018 in the invoice date - would that help?

Why would you want to see only the invoices for the current year?

Yes sir. It has really helped. There is no specific reason, but I want to know the number of invoices in sales/purchase invoices tab

You could Export them using the Export button bottom right, which has the number of invoices displayed on it, and then use EXCEL to count, total or whatever with the data

if you have a consecutive numbering system for your invoices, you can easily know the total number of invoices.

also, if you enter the year in the search option, all the transactions of that particular year alone will be displayed. now the Export button will show you the number of invoices.