Cannot personalise Sales Invoice after update. Shows all as coding?

Hi, I have just update to the latest version of manager and my Sales Invoice Templates have disappeared and I cannot seem to personalise the invoice as its all in coding. How do I fix this as I cant add bank details to the bottom of invoice ?

Hi Jessyka_Maree

The Invoice template editor is a HTML editor only. There is no WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. You need to know and understand HTML (a type of webpage coding) to successfully edit the template.
I have added bank details (and much more) to my template and would be happy to help you with the code if you like. I assume you haven’t made any changes to the template as yet.

Let me know if would like some help and I’ll send you a contact.


Sales Invoice Template was a Settings category literally several hundred versions ago. It held only a very few parameters, such as the invoice title, prefix symbols, etc. Customized sales invoices have, for a long time, been under the View Templates category. That is what @davew is referring to.

Without resorting to HTML coding, however, you can add bank details in three ways:

  1. Enter them under Settings => Business Details, which places information in the upper right area of the invoice
  2. Use custom fields, which places the information at the bottom. See this link.
  3. Place the information in the Notes field. You can set default text there which comes up on every new invoice (not old ones). Note that formatting in Notes is controlled by HTML coding, however. But you can do very simple things without knowing HTML.