The starting balance for partially paid invoices

I want to enter the starting balances for customers from an old system, for bills that are not fully paid, I know how to enter them; the question here is about partially paid bills; how is the entry method?

Enter starting balances | Manager Any help?

Your course of action depends on what the sales invoices are for. If they are for services, you could adjust the amount to reflect receipts recorded under the old system. In other words, enter the invoice in Manager for the balance due on the date you begin using Manager.

If the sales invoices cover inventory items that might be returned, you could enter the complete invoice. Then add another line with a negative amount to match the money previously received. This will reduce Accounts receivable. You could also issue a credit note for the amount of the prior receipt. What you cannot do is enter a receipt, because none of your cash or bank accounts will be receiving the money. The money previously received is already reflected in their starting balances.

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Or instead of issuing a credit note – which can be confusing for some, instead you can use the Available Credit in the Customers edit screen to enter the amount received prior to start date.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 6.49.01 AM

So this goes like this:

  1. Enter all outstanding invoices in full
  2. The previously paid amount goes into Available Credit in the Customer
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