Invoice number as Barcode number

Anybody help me to convert the invoice number as bar-code number in the sales invoice, whether manager will support the this. If anybody knows let us know.
Thanks in advance


It is not possible to generate a barcode using Manager alone.

If this is something you need, you will need to write an external program to do the task for you. For example, you could set up a service that will read your invoice info using the Manager API, and generate a PDF that includes your barcode.

Besides that, I can think of no easy way to accomplish what you want.

Thanks for your reply
We used Java script in the manager theme, we one used external services and implemented the barcode in the invoice

hi @arul_k is it possible to show how you added this barcode into your invoice

@Tut can you let me know i can do this

No, I am sorry, but I do not know how the other person did this. That person has not been active on the forum in more than three years.

@krishneelkumar check below post if it is suitable for you.

@sharpdrivetek i tried it on the clould version but it does not show up can you show a easlier step by step

it may not work on cloud edition since the fonts are not available on the cloud server.
you will have to try any javascript methods through Extensions. any local programmer can help you in this regard.

really hard to find a local programmer here i will try to find one online


Actually, you don’t have to install the fonts on the cloud server, instead you can link the font inside the theme you want from by following these steps:

  1. Select your font and press + Select this style

  2. The following menu should appear on the side:

    If the menu doesn’t appear by itself you can press this button located at the top-right corner


    You should make sure to check <link> and then you can copy the code right under that

  3. Paste the link code in the beginning of your theme.

The only catch is that the font will not work when using the PDF, but that shouldn’t be a problem since that function is no longer supported anyways.

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hi i tried but it doesnt seem to work