Barcode to appear in invoice

Dear Sir
I need to have the barcode to be seen in invoice as well delivery note next to the reference


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This could be an excellent enhancement, but could you elaborate on what it is you exactly need because I’m guessing there could be many ways barcodes (QRCodes etc) could be utilised in manager.

Things to consider:

  • WHAT barcode are you talking about? a line item product identifier (would be my guess, but then you wouldn’t want a barcode for every line item appearing on an invoice…)
  • Another implementation would be for delivery notes to have the addresses encoded in one
  • What needs to be encoded (invoice number, customer or supplier details, payment information, your details, etc) ie explain WHO would be using the barcode, that would give rise to the WHAT to encode.

You really need to explain your use case so that the idea could be considered.

But I like it

That is debatable. A large part of our business is selling point of sale solutions- Our customers LOVE when the invoice has the barcode printed on the invoice or packing slip so they can scan one sheet over and over again rather than bringing each item to the counter to enter. It also allows the end user to get the data into their system before the product arrives if the supplier emails the invoice.

Barcode on line items is a great idea!

its ok now , i did enter the bare-code in item inventory sheet and its do appear at invoice
i was talking about the 13 digit bar-code