Barcode Creation

I have noted that a few people have asked for barcode display in documents. In our situation there is a use case and a need to have a Barcode or QR codes manifest themselves in say inventory items or on invoices in Manager.
I understand that this may be easily accomplished in say a custom field that will allow us to choose a custom font like IDAutomationHC38M I see some use font CCODE39 These fonts may not be free but to be fair I have not explored any further or looked at other font options.

What I wish to establish is if this idea has been considered or thought of because it seems super simple to accomplish if in manager we could allow use of custom fonts in custom fields.

There may be more to it because Manager is not LibreOffice Calc or Excel.

I point you to a Youtube link that will demonstrate the thinking in excel, this was the first link that came up for me. See: How to Create Barcodes in Excel (The Simple Way) - YouTube

Maybe Online Barcode Generator could be used where the code in the custom field calls the “Online Generator” to format and return / display of the barcode?

Any thoughts?

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Manager already allows custom fonts. See the Guide: Change fonts in custom themes | Manager. But custom fonts require a custom theme, not just a custom field. That means entering ordinary text in Manager’s onscreen font so it can be converted to the custom font when displayed. That is not a trivial thing. It also requires the the custom font to be available on the machine where a transaction is displayed. So, as the Guide says, you cannot email custom fonts, but must first create a PDF locally and email that. Despite what you may think, this would not be super simple.

@compuit Manager already supports custom fonts on themes.

first install the font provided in the description of your youtube video.
for the intended field to be converted as a barcode, in themes set the style of the field as
font-family: IDAutomationHC39M Free Version

below is a sample invoice i created.


  1. as explained in the guide @Tut linked in the previous post, this method cannot be used for email transactions since the custom font is installed on your local machine.
  2. the internal pdf generator does not support this font and i do not expect any changes in future since the support for the same is now obsolete. you will have to use the Print option instead.

tested on Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 19043 Manager desktop version 21.9.15


Great if you need Code39, and if you want more The barcodes is a great stand alone generator which has 7 different generators that work in excel. I haven’t tried it with Manager but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work.

Would be lovely if custom fields have the ability for custom fonts in the standard theme. But will give it a go.

you do not need to modify your theme. you can use the default plain theme if you simply set below code for any custom field in your form defaults.
<div style="padding-top: 10px; font-family: IDAutomationHC39M Free Version"></div>

then enter the necessary data before the </div> tag in your form. see example below

*adjust the padding value as necessary if the barcode overlaps the custom field label. you can also create the custom field without a name in which case you can set the padding to zero.