Invoice liability

Cam sombody tell me when should a liability be created?
I mean when should an Invoice be posted in ledger?? below are ther conditions;

  1. After receiving the bill?
  2. After receiving sales tax invoice?
  3. After receiving GRN?

Would sombody help me in this, It would be higly appreciated.

It sounds like you are referring to receiving a sales invoice from a supplier. This is entered in your business records as a purchase invoice. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

And what is GRN? (Remember, Manager is used all over the world, and your acronyms don’t necessarily mean anything to others.)

GRN = Goods received note.

For information on goods receipts in Manager, see this Guide: Manager Cloud. In Manager, however, a goods receipt is not something you receive, it is a transaction you generate yourself. If you are being sent something by a supplier to indicate delivery, that would correspond to the supplier’s delivery note.