Goods received Note?

Can manager be made to enable the creation of goods received Note which will be sent to a supplier?

I’ve never heard of a situation where the purchaser of goods initiates acknowledgement. Normally, the supplier asks for confirmation of receipt on its paperwork.

It happens , it mostly sent by the warehousing dept of large companies. Especially when the supplier sends nothing


I am not sure I understand correctly, are you saying that a supplier may send a delivery of stock without any documentation?

Wow. I think the onus is on the supplier to have the correct documents and not me as his customer to ensure that my accounting program caters for this. If we are not making use of this free to use program, we will have to pay thousands to change the program to adapt to the suppliers requirements and the supplier will reap the benefits.

No way that supplier can go jump in the lake.

If a supplier sends nothing, how would the warehousing department know to send anything? And as @Kobus says, why would you want to do their job for them?

You are right but imagine in a big corporation such a note can be generated for internal use. Maybe from warehouse to the manufacturing/operations dept.
In my part of the world items may be received from suppliers without delivery note, you may call or email for confirmation but you may raise goods received Note for internal use and even as confirmation to the supplier.

Tally ERP 9 has it. If it could be added that would be cool for some user somewhere in the world.

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ERP says it all: Enterprise Resource Planning. Manager is not an ERP system and makes no claim to be. ERP packages are generally huge, complex, and usually difficult to learn and implement. Many users of Manager are fleeing from such complicated software and would rebel. Your use case is typical of operations under an ERP: flurries of paperwork or messages inside the company.

Yes in this instance I would say that a GRV (Goods Received Voucher) is meant for taking in stock on a computer system.

In manager it is already in the system wen you make out the Purchase Invoice.

This can also be used for you purpose internally I think.

good suggestion