Entering the bills

how can i record invoices received for telephone, car registration etc.
i simply would like to enter bill and pay for it in due time

if these are not cash purchases, you can simply create a single supplier for all these miscellaneous bills. when entering the purchase invoices use the description field to enter necessary details for future reference.

Read this Create purchase invoices | Manager

some bills i receive on regular basis like telephone/internet and provider (supplier) sends tax invoice. Most of times i pay for them using credit card. Other bills are for car fuel, car services and accounting fees. Sometimes i need to purchase computer hardware or software for repairs or updates (not for re sale). I need to record them by supplier and set it to appropriate expense account. I believe getting bills and pay for them (business expenses) should be easy to do.

How to do all of these is explained clearly and simply in the Guides - there are many examples of how to do any and all of these activities

Once you have read the Guides, come back here and pose any outstanding questions you may have

You can always setup a Test business to experiment with different ways of doings things before deciding on how you want to structure your accounts. Time spent in this will be well worth it later

Thank you Joe91. I can do it now, however, why don’t we rename purchase invoice to bill? would make it easier to understand.

A “Bill” in english has many more definitions than “Purchase Invoice” which is much more specific.

Using Bill would lead to much more confusion

Do not want to argue. The other think is unnecessary quantity. It will be enough to have a total cost only to cover the bill/purchase invoice

You can setup recurring purchase invoices which will remind you when a purchase invoice (or bill if you prefer) is due so that you do not forget to enter them.

The payment of the invoice is a separate transaction to be entered manually when you have made the payment

Just leave the quantity blank and enter the total cost then.

That depends on the work flow you want.

Bank transactions can be imported and bank rules can be created for regular bills, allocation costs to accounts you have set up. The left over non - standard bills can be then manually processed.

If you want Accrual based records you need to also enter invoices. Regular invoices can be efficiently entered by setting up Recurrent invoices. Bank rules can then be set up to allocate payments to the appropriate supplier or customer.

Manager can not currently allocate payments / receipts to a supplier or customer without an invoice, credit note or debit note however this enhancement has been proposed. See Improvement to payment and receipt forms