Invoice is saving with unexpected name

When I save my invoice to PDF it save it with just my trading as name . It used to save it with Invoice and the number and who it was to
used to save it like this
Invoice 1890 - Blacklock Mowing limited.pdf
now it saves like this
Front Desk 2018 (2021-01-02) (2021-11-0…pdf
The invoice is to the same company Blacklock Mowing from Me Front Desk I am using the print to PDF
Right if I use the PDF button it names it right but because I am using the print button and printing to PDF it doesnt name it . Is there away around this as the PDF button is not supported any more

I can’t reproduce the issue, I still get the old format you described here :point_down:

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Printing to PDF uses functionality of your operating system and installed printer drivers. File names are not set by Manager in that situation. In most cases, that results in extracting a suggested filename from data near the top of the document. Since Manager operates as a browser, that can mean you get something very much like Manager’s page header. But a standalone printer driver might choose something else. And your Front Desk customer seems to have imported backup files without renaming them, resulting in a long string of dates.

Ha ha Front desk is me so I dont really care its not presented to anyone
using the PDF button uses the name of the what I am printing . Invoice and the invoice number and the customer name.
but using the print button just uses Front desk