Invoice inventory item from production order

I want to make invoice and reduce inventory item from certain production order, could you please make that possible thanks

Can you please explain what you mean ?
Invoices are for selling inventory.
Production Orders are for converting raw material Inventory into finished goods inventory
So Invoices and production orders are unrelated or unconnected.

However, have you checked out Settings - Inventory Kits.
This enables various inventory to be combined and be sold as one inventory item
If a book has 3 volumes - you can sell each volume separately or you can sell the set where the stock of each volume will be reduced

Let me explain:

I use production order for every production, each production has date and number. Let’s say production A and B

After the production it adds quantity to one inventory item.

When I make invoice and I am selling inventory item it reduced the quantity on inventory item.

I want it to reduced quantity on inventory item production A or production B. Then I know how much items or I can track down how many items I have from certain production.


[quote=“Marteinn_Brynjolfur, post:3, topic:7170”]
I want it to reduced quantity on inventory item production A or production B. [/quote]

Production Orders and Invoicing are two separate (unlinked) transactions.

Lets say on Day 1 you have production of Inventory xyz
Then on Day 7 you have more production of Inventory xyz
If you sell on Day 10 Inventory xyz, how do you know which production to adjust.

If you want to track which production that Inventory xyz belongs to then you would have to have a separate Inventory for each production such as Inventory xyz (D1) and Inventory xyz (D7). To do that you would also need to have correct labelling.

I know it is not possible now that is why am requesting upgrade on this.

It should be possible to do this.

When invoice is made and I choose inventory item, there could be a drop down of production orders for reduce from.

Then it can be saved on -1 reduced inventory item production number for mapping

So I’m talking about changing software code


Back tracking invoicing to a particular production order would be just complicating everything so can’t see it getting very high up the developers wish list.

Besides, production orders are an actual accounting journal which records the transfer of raw material inventory cost/quantity to finished goods inventory cost/quantity on any given day. Therefore, to record such a reduction in production quantity from a future invoicing would purely be statistical otherwise you would be negating actual production.

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