Manufacturing from outside with our inventory items

I am regularly purchasing tapes from one manufacturer. Since last month I am giving some materials from my inventory to produce this tapes. Normally i am creating purchase invoice. Now i want to add price of inventory items i supplied to produce it. Please give me a solution.


Ahmed Ansar

You could use Production Orders, this is where you would convert your raw materials into finished goods, plus you could add any external charges via the “add any non-inventory cost” tick box

Yeah, I’d use production orders.

You can do what @Brucanna suggests or there is even better way. When purchase invoice is receive, allocate the cost to finished inventory items without specifying quantity. This way the cost of manufacturing is added to inventory without increasing its quantity (which was already done using production order)

@Brucanna This supplier is giving 45 days credit, how can add this purchase invoice to production order.

@lubos How can allocate amount without specifying qty. we should give at least Qty 1. Otherwise total purchase invoice cost showing ‘‘0’’.

I temporarily adjusted the account like given below, but we need a better solution.

Total Purchase 200 PCS
Production order Qty 199
Purchase invoice Qty 1

You add it to the production order when you receive the suppliers invoice not when you are paying the invoices so the number of days credit is irrelevant.

In Qty field, don’t enter anything. Not “1”, not “0”. Make sure the field is empty.

This idea is not working in latest update. invoice amount is not adding to inventory cost when I enter purchase invoice with qty field ''empty"

@ahmedansar, you have not shown enough information to illustrate what you say is happening. Show the entire edit screen of the purchase invoice. Then show a screen shot of the drill-down on the Inventory on hand balance for the inventory item in question. Make sure that the drill down screen shot covers the transaction involved.

As things stand, all you have done is claim that the program does not work. But you have shown no evidence to support your claim.

The better response is how did 3 years go by before taking the screenshot?

Have there been date issues on the forum???

@darrenm, 3 years went by because the other person took the time to review prior forum topics before posting a question. There have been no date issues on the forum. Topics are left up unless there is a definite reason to close them in the hope they may provide information to someone.

That’s a THOROUGH review. :grinning:

This issue solved, I think it happens because

  1. This was a newly created inventory item
  2. I entered purchase invoice Date 1 and production order Date 2.
    This issue solved by changing production order date 1 purchase invoice date 2