Sale from Inventory - Reduction from Inventory vs. Production Orders


I am interested in an easier more sufficient method if one exists. I own a spice and seasoning blend company. I offer the sale of inventory from two different priced options:

  1. Customer provides their own container, and I charge the price per ounce (net wt)
  2. Customer purchases spice by the ounce, in either a bag or jar

When I purchase the initial supplies, they are entered into the inventory as a cost per ounce, therefore I can utilize the same inventory item for #1 listed above in the sales order. I do not utilize a production order for this sale.

For the second inventory item (Per ounce jar/bag), I create a production order to properly capture the cost, and reduce my actual per ounce inventory of the spice or blend. The items in the production order are: spice per ounce, label, lid, and jar. Keep in mind, frequently the spices are jarred (production) and sold at the same time.

Do I always have to create a production order (jar/bag) every time I need to place a sale? Is there a way that I can build an inventory item that automatically reduces all of the elements of that item?

In other words, Is there a way that we can create a sales invoice that automatically reduces the inventory of the three items, but only shows the price of the top rolled up item?

I apologize if I am not communicating this properly. If the Manager program has a better way, I would love to hear about it. Otherwise, I will continue to utilize the production order each time a sale is generated.

Thank you

If you are producing finished inventory for later sale then you would use Production orders.
But if you are building an inventory item for instant sale then you could use Settings - Inventory Kits.

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Thank you for your response. I will look into this further.