Multi page invoice issue

Hi all,

I have a issue, I created a invoice with many lines and it is splinting into two pages.

The issue is that on the first page the bottom is “open” no line closing, no footer and/or sub-totals.

How can I manage that? Is it possible to close at each page and show subtotals?

What does your image show, a screen shot of the View screen or a program-generated PDF, or something you have printed? If printed, how did you print it, using the Print button or by printing a PDF, or some other method?

Hi Tut,

A pdf Generated, I normally generate a PDF and then print from it.

I just tested again and if I click on print button, it behaves the same way.

PS: I am using version


Then everything is working for you as it always has. The program is not designed to insert a horizontal line at the end of a page.