Invoice group numbering

Good morning. Manager is one of the best.
I would to see a new feature though. I live in Greece and I am a electrical engineer - freelancer. I have 5 different business categories and i have to write down 5 different invoices, each one with its own numbering. Our IRS allows it. Furthermore it is a way to track down how well each business category is performing.

I don’ t want to create 5 different businesses (it would be a solution), because my expenses and my clients and my suppliers are unified (they are common). My business categories are under the same vat registration number. Plus, i don’ t want to manually differentiate the invoice prefix or numbers, in order to avoid future mistakes. Can you automate the process?

In other words, can you create group invoices, with automated numbering? (At least, can you put it in your to do list?).
I have seen this feature in invoiceplane and in simple-invoices ( it is really handy). I just love your software and i want to use yours.

Furthermore, is there a report for income and another for the expenses with the below fields:
Inv Num - Date - Company name - Description - Gross Value - Vat value - Net value
At the end there is a line with the total value of each field.

Can it be done through custom reports?

Thank you

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Something that you could look at is tracking codes. I use that extensively to track how well of my divisions are doing such as sales, website services, backup services and broadband services and IT Support. Tracking codes works very well for me. Maybe you could use the same functionality to track your income for each business category.

At this point in time, I am not aware of any group invoice or automated numbering functionality.

Yes tracking codes is a good solution to check how my divisions correspond.
But i rather need “autonomous” invoice numbering.
Another reason is that i cannot give an invoice to an individual rather than only to a company.

Here in Greece we use invoices as an expense to companies and receipts as an expense for individuals. Citizens cannot justify invoices in their tax statement. Only receipts.

Sounds like what you need is the ability to call the invoice an invoice or call it a customer receipt? I am not familiar with Greece Laws but the only difference between an invoice and a receipt in real terms is the use of the word invoice or receipt on a piece of paper.

I think that you will have to this up with the developer as I am just a user like yourself and currently Manager does not support what you are looking for as far as I am aware.

Yes, it is just a printing difference, but each and every paper has its one different numbering and it would be great if there was an automatic numbering mechanism.
That’s why i called it a group invoice.

Thank you Dalacor for your interest.

I can’t use Manager as my main accounting application, and the reason is the lack of Invoice group numbering.

So, +1000 to this post :grinning:

You can always enter an invoice number manually in any format you want. Simply overwrite what appears. As you can imagine, companies may decide to use hundreds of different schemes for numbering invoices, and you should not expect Manager or any other accounting program to be able to handle them all automatically. Manager will automatically search for the highest numbered invoice and add one. You can start with any number you wish. Some programs do not even allow you to substitute your own numbers.

This seems like a poor reason to decide not to use Manager.

Let me explain a little bit.

I know we can manually change the invoice number, as we wish and to comply the company’s standards.

But it would be great if there was a mechanism to follow a numbering rule.

For example. A company has 2 kind of invoices. We will call them GROUPA and GROUPB.
The form they use to recognize each other is the below.
INV GRA #1 and for the other one INV GRB #1.

So it would be great if we could make 2 prefix rules “INV GRA” and “INV GRB”. Each one would have its own numbering sequence, lets say GRA starts from #5 and GRB starts from #11.

So the next time we have to publish an invoice, we choose which group we need (A or B), and then the system recognizes what is the next number that should be used for each group (6 for group A and 12 for group B).

If we had to manually change each prefix or each number then there is the possibility of mistakes. Mistakes are what we want to reduce.

So, I am still asking if the development team is willing to put it in the to-do list in a future release.

I want to clarify that i do use manager. The requested feature though would help not only me, but many others too.

I completely understood your request and purpose, @billious. My comment was a reply to @ntrim. I wanted to make the point that the program would allow group numbering, even if it wasn’t automatic.

As for your own request, I know @lubos tries to keep the software very widely usable. Therefore, he seems to work first on the requested features useful to the most people. Your request was the first time I have seen such a request on the forum. It obviously requires quite a bit more software than the current sequential numbering system. And if it was implemented, there would immediately be someone else with a different scheme that didn’t fit. But one never knows what will appear next. :grinning:


don’t get me wrong, I’m using Manager a lot! In my business I must use (at least) three types of documents with unique numbering. I never request this before because I know this not applies to other countries (I think).

So, I keep my Manager files updated and watching for the big day… :grinning:

PS: by the way, @ntrim, are you from Greece? I see you are a greek translator.

This feature request has been mentioned once or twice before. I do plan to introduce ability to have multiple invoice number sequence generators. But first I need to finish big ticket features which are available in other accounting systems (warehousing, sub-accounts, custom control accounts).


Yes, I’m from Greece.

Thank you @lubos.
We shall appreciate it a lot.

Do you have an estimate when it may available? Let’s say, do you plan to make it until summer 2016, or later?

Definitely within a few months but not earlier than February next year.

I know that after Lubos successfully introduce warehousing, sub accounts and custom control accounts, the stage will be set for looking at already existing modules and upgrading their features. I am sure so many more features will be added which is aimed at making it easier to use manager and also adding more tweaking options.

Are there Aany news Lubos about this topic?
Thank you.

Also Greek, also having the same request…