Invoice Due date question

Not sure whether Manager behave normally, as of version 18.5.39 Windows 10. Using Manager Server.

I never did define any due date.

But the Sales Invoice List show that the Invoice is dued for days.

Update: Yup I think the Manager sets the default due date the same date as invoice date by default without even I have to Define it.


@brucanna I might left out why Lubos programmed it that way. Any good reason, why?
A bit awkward where the Sales Invoice Define the Due Date where I did not explicitly mentioned it to the clients nor the need to force the due date mentioned in sales invoice.

Search the forum as pro & cons have been discussed many times.

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Yes. The program relies on the due date for many features, including aging reports, status displays, list sorting, etc. And from an accounting perspective, every invoice is due at some point or you would not issue it.

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Good point… at least I found sharpdrivetek posted liquid code for work around.

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