Billable Time Invoice Problem

I think I have discovered a couple of bugs:

  1. For some reason, when I create a new invoice from billable time, the invoice shows a PAID IN FULL box. This is intermittent.
  2. Also, when I create a new invoice from billable time, the invoice shows a credit, from God knows where, when none should be shown.

Thanks for any help.

Are you assigning the billable time to a customer that has previously been defined under the Customers tab? If not, Billable Time will not work properly, because that tab creates a control account with sub accounts for each customer. Without knowing the customer, Manager can’t function, so it dumps the billable time into Suspense.

If you would, describe exactly the steps you took to get to the problems described in your points 1 and 2. The immediate PAID IN FULL behavior is symptomatic of a sales invoice without a predefined customer.

Your point 2 doesn’t contain sufficient information to understand where you are seeing what, so again, the specific steps leading to the trouble will help.

I can offer a little reassurance, though. I’ve been using Billable Time since its inception and just verified its performance with the latest version, and all works as expected. So I would bet the problem is something small.

Hi Tut

Thanks for a fast response which has helped track the first problem down, I believe.

I had inactivated a customer, then had to reactivate it again, so I believe this may be part of the root cause. I created a ‘new’ customer, re labelled the billable items and the created invoice looks fine.
During this period of invoice problems, I also noticed that N-1 items were only being labelled as invoiced in billable time even tho’ N were appearing on the invoice.

I also discovered that one should delete an invoice first, which resets the billable time items back to uninvoiced, rather than manually resetting them to uninvoiced and then deleting the erroneous invoice.

The inaccurate invoice may well have arisen somewhere in the above.
Hope this of help to others.

I am curious, @muffin. Did you try to reactivate the customer first by unticking the box? It seems like that should accomplish the same thing without having to create a “new” customer. But I have no experience with that aspect of Manager.

Unticking the box is the only way I know of reactivating a customer.


This thread needs to be deleted as there is no problem with Manager. The problem is my accounting. I had some entries in the customer credit field which automatically deducted that amount from the latest invoice triggering a PAID IN FULL.