Billable Time to populate an existing Invoice

Dealing with Staff and Contractors contributing billable time to a project which is ultimately invoiced to the Customer / Stakeholder as ONE invoice.

OK so here is what happens: The Staff and contractors assign their time to an invoice as follows in Billable time.

  1. Problem even though the customer invoice is found and allocated it will not assign to the invoice selected. This would be a big plus if the billable time could be added to the Invoice this way.
    Now the notes / guides tell us this is not how it will work but my point is this functionality would be a huge help to admin / account and the guys in the field.

OK so we press on as per guide and go to the “Customer Tab” and yes! there is the amount to be assigned to an invoice. Tremendous perfect let go!

  1. Problem - Big trap - It can only be used to create a new invoice. What the heck, I need to add it to the WIP (Work in progress) invoice.

Everyone gets mad and goes home. HELP!

What is work in progress invoice anyway? My assumption is that once invoice is created, it is meant to be sent to customer.

Work in progress is your accumulated uninvoiced billable time.

So why are you creating sales invoice that you call “work in progress” in the first place? What are you trying to solve by doing that?

OK the scenario we have multi people doing a project which must be charged to ONE invoice. The guys work over a period say a month with varying hours and varying rates over the month on the project.
Billable time works fantastic as the mechanism to record these varying dates, hours and rates and each staff member / contractor.
So you might say the project / Invoice for the month is a “work in progress” (WIP) because it (the invoice) only gets charged out at the end of the month but construction kicks off on the say 1st day of the month.

Now this where the challenge kicks in.

  1. Cannot add / register the billable time to the selected invoice in billable time module. (Does not show up in invoice).
  2. From the customer screen we can only create new Invoice and not add to the one started at the beginning of the month.

From revisiting this scenario It appears that the Invoice creation must only take place at the last day of the month once the last Staff member / Contractor has entered all their time and rates etc

In practice though we always get the late comers ie They forget to add kms or some additional time spent on the job and so as the Invoice is created there is only the option to create new and not add to existing.
So not sure if Manager can accommodate this operational thing?

Pondering this thing more I am now leaning toward accounts not creating / generating an Invoice at the outset of the month as I see Billable time shows nicely under Assets and grows giving an indication of things to come (Cash).

Your final paragraph is the key, @compuit. Billable time is your work in progress. The method you have been using is double accounting.

Editing or updating an invoice is not double accounting. We are talking about Billable Time injecting into the selected invoice once the Billable Time is changed to the invoiced status. This does not happen and is in a way misleading where Billable Time can say invoiced but the entry it is not found in the invoice and the status of uninvoiced under Customer does not show any longer. In other words if the Billable time status is changed to Invoiced and the correct Invoice number selected the Money disappears … even from Assets.

Perhaps I misunderstood your explanation. It seemed to me that you were creating a sales invoice in advance, then recording billable time. That would put the same hours into Accounts receivable and Billable time. That is what I meant by double accounting. I do not understand the rest of your explanations.

In case you missed the point.

@compuit you want to create sales invoice the first day of the month. Why? The invoice should be created when you are closing all billable time and basically invoicing it. Once you create invoice, you are meant to be sending it to customer asap. That’s why Manager doesn’t make it “easy” to keep adding new charges to it because the invoice is assumed to be sent to customer.

I still don’t understand why sales invoice is created long before it’s sent to customer. I mean this is why we actually have billable time and billable expenses in the first place so you can keep track of work in progress and don’t have to create invoice upfront then keep adding to it.

I get the point and I agree it makes sense to generate the Invoice after month end and capture all guys billable time. So with the guys updated and process in place I think it will be fine as we move forward and stick to the limitations. Thank you.