Billable time invoice

There is a Change commited to the billable time module. The invoice could be generated from within the billable time module.
In the recent versions you have to go to the customer tab.
I liked the “old “method so I do not have to leave the time module…
Can this be restored?

I think it for the best, it enables you to select a lot of time work done for a customer and bill all at a go. the old version didn’t give that option. It also gives you the opportunity to mix other sales items to the same bill. (i stand to be corrected)

I use Billable Time a lot. And while I understand your point, I believe the new method is preferable for several reasons:

  1. Rather than having to scan the register of Billable Time entries to see what needs to be invoiced, then select the customer, then select the time entries to be included on the invoice, you can look at your customer list and see who has uninvoiced entries.
  2. If you have a lot of customers, you can click on the Uninvoiced heading in the customer list, and those entries will be sorted to the top for easy location.
  3. Not only Billable Time, but also Billable Expenses come up in the same listing. While this feature was added in an interim change to the “old” method, it fits more naturally into the new one.
  4. Overall, the focus during sales invoice creation is now on a customer, so you can decide which billable time and expense entries belong on a specific invoice. Previously, the focus was on the individual time and expense entries.
  5. In my experience, making heavy use of both billable time and expenses, I find fewer errors of omission.

A big improvement that I have requested from @lubos several times is the ability to add billable time or expenses to an invoice created from the regular Sales Invoices tab or while editing. That would resolve the need to delete an invoice and start over if a billable time or expense entry is forgotten.