Invoice Billable Expenses and View Uninvoiced Billable Expenses

I noticed there was a way in previous versions to invoice a billable expense directly, but I am now on version and can not find that option. Currently, I am adding payments as “Billable Expenses” and then, when creating an invoice, I add those lines as “Billable expenses - Invoiced”, then I go back to those payments and manually input the invoice in which these expenses were invoiced using the drop-down list. Is there a way to streamline this process? How can I create a way for me to directly invoice a billable expense?

Additionally, I was wondering if there is a way to see exactly which billable expenses have not been invoiced, like a table that shows which expense towards which customer has been missed in creating entries. Currently, the best I can manage is to click the “Billable Expenses” value in the balance sheet and see a whole credit/debit billable expenses statement for a customer which is not very useful in spotting the discrepancy when there are so many entries. Is there a workaround for this too?

Are you saying you cannot invoice billable expenses from the Customers tab any longer?

Hi, I will try and look into this. According to the Billable Expenses guide one can view uninvoinced Billable Expenses in a tab but of course that is not the case with the new updates. I will check the customers tab and search for the option you mentioned.

You never could invoice from the Billable Expenses tab when it existed. Invoicing has always been from the Customers tab.

Correct. The process described in the guides is no longer applicable since the “Uninvoiced” column in the “Customers” tab does not appear.

You need to enable the column after clicking Edit Columns at the bottom of the Customers tab listing:

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 7.52.59 AM